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助成金情報 2017 Grant Opportunities for Citizen Scientists (groups and individuals) in Asia

The Takagi Fund for Citizen Science (the Takagi Fund, Tokyo, Japan) will invite grant applications for the year 2017 from groups and individuals in Asia pursuing “Citizen Science”. The deadline for submission of applications for this round is 20 September, 2016.
For more information, see the Seeking a Grant announcement on the Takagi Fund website.


2017 Grant Opportunities for Citizen Scientists (groups and individuals) in Asia
助成金の目的The purpose of Takagi Fund is to foster and support independent Citizen Scientists who propose well-founded criticism and scientific counterarguments about problems and threats caused by present-day science and technology. Such criticism and counterarguments can be based on independent research and analysis conducted by citizens themselves with appropriate support from committed experts. The Takagi Fund expects that a true spirit of science, one which opens the way for a sustainable future, should spring up from the voluntary acts of citizens equipped with social awareness, a sense of justice and some essential scientific training, rather than from the occupational activities of “professional” scientists controlled by governments and/or corporate interests. The Takagi Fund encourages applications from young researchers and grassroots groups, NPOs and NGOs in Asia who share in the spirit of Citizen Science and possess a practical mind about opposing technological threats to the people.
募集要件There are no restrictions regarding the eligibility of individuals or groups as long as they pursue Citizen Science as defined by the Takagi Fund. Applicants are not required to have defined or designated themselves as engaged in Citizen Science prior to application.

Maximum grant amount per application this year is US$5,000. In case your planned research or training activities would cost more than that amount, please contact the Secretariat before submitting an application.

NOTE: The total grant for the year 2017 is JP¥ 2,000,000, roughly equivalent to US$19,000(at August 2016 rate).
応募期間August 12-September 20,2016
応募方法Applicants are required to submit an application form by Email. Please download the form from http://www.takagifund.org/e/apply/application.html.
The submission deadline for this round of applications is 20 September 2016. Applications are referred to the Selection Committee for citizen-scientific as well as logistic reviews, and then decided on by the Executive Board of the Takagi Fund. The review process usually takes three months. The Takagi Fund recommends that you contact by Email the Secretariat with a brief summary of the proposal before submitting a full application.
備考 【About Takagi Fund】
The Takagi Fund was established in 2001 following the last will and testament of Jinzaburo TAKAGI (1938-2000), who devoted his life to realizing a nuclear-free society, democratic public decision-making, and advocacy of “Citizen Science.” His early career as nuclear chemist led him to question the basic rationale for utilizing atomic power. His research and engineering experience turned him into a strong critic of nuclear energy, both in military and commercial uses. His wish was to foster and support the next generation of “Citizen Scientists” by establishing as a personal legacy a fund for such purposes. The posthumous establishment of the Takagi Fund as a non-profit body was complemented by massive donations from a number of concerned individuals, as well as organizations, all sharing Takagi's sense of urgency about assisting Citizen Science.

【What is Citizen Science?】
Takagi’s concept of “Citizen Science” came from his strong belief that present-day science and technology are leading to threats to life and the environment. It was also his concern that conventional scientists and researchers lack a sense of social responsibility, failing to take initiatives for constructing an alternative relation between science and people. The concept of “Citizen Scientists” presupposes that science should not be monopolized solely by specialists engaged in academic research. Citizens need to empower themselves by developing scientific knowledge, technical skills and critical abilities. According to Takagi, the mission of Citizen Science is “to give science a direction with a focus on hope for a future and to present a concept enabling the construction of a sustainable future.” He also added that citizen science must “sow the seeds of hope into the hearts of people, organize people, and generate a flow leading to a revolutionary change.”


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